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Pressing the shutter is just the first step
 … In a life journey spent seeking the next lens-view story.

Welcome to the story of my life behind the lens.
My camera has captured moments when there’s been no second chance, giving photos that tell stories.

With this gallery of images I’m opening the door to my world, the one framed through my lens. The site is a photo journal that spins the tales of all my travels, experiences, emotions and moments captured.

You’ll journey through remote outback regions within Australia, cross deserts and scale sand dunes; then immerse yourself in coastlines, flora and fauna. You’ll then clamber over ancient ruins - man’s imprint from times past. The ring forts and megaliths of Ireland and Europe are favourite subjects as are the cliff dwellings of Native Americans. Each carries a special resonance and connection that older civilizations shared with the spirit of the land that I hope will translate to your view, through my lens.

My passion centres on the flow of nature, feeling the energy of the earth and capturing it through my lens; showing the mythic stories behind the scenes, feeling their age, touching their remoteness and connections.

All images on the site are available as open edition prints.
They are of bespoke archival quality, a creative expression of the subject and available for shipment all over the world.